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Recent Beauty Buys- Under $30

Recent Beauty Buys- Under $30

Hi friends!

Happy Friday!! We made it through the week, lets drink some wine!

I thought I would share a two beauty products I have been using and loving recently! What is even better, they are both under $30!!


First is The Isle of Paradise Tanning Drops:

I am a self tanner newbie and have always been skeptical because I never wanted to look orange. I am sure you have seen these on other blogger’s Instagrams, but they really are the best self tanner I have ever seen. All you do is add them to your daily lotion and voila! Here’s a few tips I’ve learned from using these:

  1. The first few times I used them, I did have some streaks because I didn’t realize how much you had to rub in the lotion. If you use these, rub your lotion in a little extra than usual to make sure you are evenly distributing the drops.

  2. Make sure to wash your hands with soap after you apply

  3. I bought the Light because the Medium is almost always sold out and I didn’t want to start with Dark. BUT I do think the light is a little too subtle for my skin. I would use the light if you want just a subtle glow. Medium or Dark would be better if you want a noticeable tan. I do like the light for now when it isn’t really spring/summer yet.


Second is this Flawless battery hair remover!

One of my friends recommended this to me and honestly its the best $20 I’ve ever spent! If you’re like me and hate getting waxed, this will save your life. I have been trying to not wax my brows recently because I notice they usually get worse faster when I do. This guy helps get rid of that peach fuzz in the middle of the brows and those pesky mustache hairs that we all hate. Its pain free and you can get it at Target!

Hope that helps and I am sure you guys will love these too!

Have a great weekend!

xx Kate

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