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Its FRIDAY! Hope you guys had a great week and have some fun plans for the weekend!

As you guys know this post was supposed to be my Target Haul post BUT I didn’t realize just how long of a post that would be…apparently I shop at Target a lot! Haha! So I think I am going to break it into categories and do mini hauls, so that way its more helpful for you guys!

This post a round up of some books I’ve been reading recently! I look reading and I love the smell of a new book. These two were my favorite of my recent reads and are books I think EVERYONE needs to read.


Girl Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis:

If you haven’t heard of this book, you are probably living under a rock…

This book has been everywhere and I am here to say, it is worth the hype! I think I connected with this book the same reason so many other women have and that is Rachel’s pure honesty. It is vulnerable and real. She shares some seriously intimate stories and feelings that you connect with in your own experiences. I think my favorite part of this book, and Rachel in general, is how everything is rooted in her Faith. She shares her struggles with her relationship with the Lord and how He has saved her time and time again. I think as a Christian woman, we all have felt those same struggles and learn to lean on our Faith as we go through different highs and lows in our lives.

Its a must read! Rachel has a two other books, her newest is “Girl, Stop Apologizing” and I cant wait to read it!


You are a Badass by Jen Sincero:

Its funny how sometimes books just speak to you and just come at the right time in your life. This book was one of those for me. I’ve never read a book where I wanted to pull out a highlighter and start highlighting every word. Jen wrote with such awesome bluntness and a no bullshit attitude that I loved!

What is crazy is this book actually put me off a little at first. Not because the content wasn’t amazing, but because I read it after I read Girl Wash Your Face. Like I said, I loved how Rachel was so deeply rooted in Faith and Jen touches on Faith too, but in her own way. She calls it The Universe and Source Energy. As someone who has always had Faith, that just felt a little sifi to me. While I definitely believe in energy and positive vibes, I also think if you believe in God, then you call it what it is. In my option, your Faith is part of who you are and you should own that. But then I thought about it, and if Jen is making Faith more relatable to people who aren’t as familiar, then I can get behind that!

If you feel in a funk and feel like you are struggling, this is a great book to kick it!

Hope you guys enjoy these! I am starting two new books and will do a follow up post on those as well!



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